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Science and Engineering for Conveyor Systems
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 Mechanical Engineering Analysis of conveyor belt system design is available.   Fundamental design of belt witdth, speed and throughput is available through ConveyorScience Pty. Ltd.   Analysis  provides motor torques and belt rating for any profile in the vertical or horizontal plane.   We can design, audit a design for problems, have a design concept proven, or upgrade existing systems.

Conveyor Design  (Static Analysis - Since 1980)


High-lift Drift Conveyor Design and Optimisation
Long Overland Conveyor Design and Dynamic Analysis

Standards and Applications (CEMA, DIN 22121, 22131, AS 1333)
Software Development for Design
Complex Loading and Temperature Effects
Motor Power, Torque and Belt Rating
Drive Slip Analysis
Take-up Location and Type Optimisation
Design Evaluations and Audits
Problem Solving and Failure Studies

Large Conveyor Projects 

 -  3 x Declined ST-6000 Los Peambres Conveyors, Chile
  -  Drift Conveyor Analysis, 1.8 m wide steel cord ST-5800, Drummond Coal, AL, USA
 -  Auditor, 9 km Curved Overland and 16 km Drift Conveyors, Henderson Mine, CO US
 -  Freeport Henderson Mine, 16 km PC-2  belt, Take-up Failure and Power Audit, USA
 -  Oak Grove Drift Design, Longwall Upgrade, Cleveland Cliffs, AL, USA
 -  Design Evaluation of Line Creek Mine 10 km Downhill Conveyor, BC, Canada
 -  Belt Purchase Specifications, Peabody and  Drummond Co. USA
 -  Splice Failure Analysis (Multiple mine sites)  USA
 -  Design Audits (3) for LSL/AngloAmerican Coal) South Africa.
 -  Optimum Belt Replacement Strategy (Multiple mines), USA and Australia
 -  Static Design Analysis, Sandvik Brazil
 -  Ore Conveyor Characterisation and Safety Factor, Vale Canada
 -  Underground Mine and Drift Conveyor Designs, Cook Colliery, Qld, Australia
-   Large Conveyor Projects


Conveyor Dynamic Analysis

In 1980, we developed the first wave-based dynamic analysis of belts.  Nowadays, we set up dynamic simulation models - Discrete Elements, and compute the rolling losses within the dynamic model.  A separate static analysis. is often not required for simple conveyor layouts.   

Starting and Stopping Analysis for Special Control Requirements

Belt Resonance - Eliminating Belt Flap Vibration

Ongoing Development in Software Algorithms for Simulation

Software Coding is in -house.

Some Past  Large Projects 
  -  Dynamic Analysis of 5 AngloAmeriacn Conveyors, South Africa
 -  Dynamic Analysis of Cementos Lima Peru, 2-way carrying, Pipe Conveyor
  -  Dynamic Analysis of Mine Conveyors, Wambo & Grasstree, Australia
  -  Dynamic Analysis of Mine Conveyors, Nth Goonyella/Oakey Ck, Australia
  -  Dynamic/Static Analysis, Mt. Arthur Mine Belt, NSW Australia
  -  Dynamic and Static Analysis (x 2), Samarco Brazil
  -  Dynamic and Static Anaysis (7 conveyors), SMCV Peru
  -  Holdback Dynamic Analysis, Silo Feed Belt, Peabody, USA
  -  Dynamic Analysis, 19 km Curved Overland Belt, Texas, USA
 -  Drive Slip and Vibration Analysis, Freeport Mine USA
  -  Long Overland Design Audit, Arch Coal 1.8 m Wide Belt, Wyoming, USA
  -  Petrozuata/Exxon Conveyor Handling System Audit, Venezuela
 -  Petroleum Coke Conveyor Dynamics, Exxon/ Qatar Oil and Gas, Qatar
 -  Dynamic Analysis LP5-7, Los Pelambres, and Chuquicamata,  Chile